Common questions about the sale of a la mode

This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the sale of a la mode.

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Once you've read the announcement of CoreLogic's acquisition of a la mode (read more here) you may have a question or two. We've covered common questions here. But if your concern isn't addressed in this doc, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Do I need to make any changes as a result of this transaction?

No. All your services will continue to work just as they always have. Our goal is for you not to notice any difference other than hearing about our new ownership.

Who is CoreLogic and what do they do?

CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX) is a leading global property information, analytics and data‑enabled solutions provider. CoreLogic serves the real estate and mortgage finance, insurance, capital markets, and the public sector.

CoreLogic delivers value to clients through unique data, analytics, workflow technology, advisory and managed services. Clients rely on CoreLogic to help identify and manage growth opportunities, improve performance and mitigate risk.

Why did CoreLogic buy a la mode?

CoreLogic is a leading provider of technology, analytics and services in the Valuation space. Our commitment to appraisers plus our current products and future ones like Titan Reports were driving forces behind this transaction. Both a la mode and CoreLogic are focused on helping you work faster, more accurately, and with the highest level of credibility and support. Our entire history of products, from DOS‑ TOTAL to Titan embodies that unwavering commitment. We see the acquisition by CoreLogic as a next exciting stage in a la mode's evolution.

What are the benefits to appraisers?

a la mode and CoreLogic are committed to serving Appraisers, focused on helping you work faster, more accurately, and with the highest level of credibility and support. Over time, you should see our products and services enhanced with the best of CoreLogic data, analytics and insights. We are still early in the acquisition and will share more over time as we integrate into CoreLogic.

When will the transition to CoreLogic take place?

It has already begun, but you shouldn't notice any difference. You may notice some subtle changes in our branding or website, but your products and services will remain the same.

Why did a la mode sell?

a la mode has always been a privately held company, so the ownership is free to make the best decisions for themselves.

Is your former ownership still involved in the company?

No. CoreLogic has acquired 100% of a la mode. However, the company's day‑to‑day operational management team continues to be a part of the company. Our top‑level managers have an average of 18 years tenure with a la mode. Our product management team has more than 11 years with us on average. They remain committed to serving your needs.

What did it sell for?

The terms of our purchase haven't been disclosed other than CoreLogic has acquired a full stake in a la mode.

How long has this sale been happening and why weren't customers told?

It's standard for transactions like this one to be completed under mutual non‑disclosure agreements that protect the interest of all parties. We notified the public immediately after the transaction closed, which is standard practice.

a la mode has always advocated for appraisers. Will that continue?

Absolutely. CoreLogic is one of the largest employers of Appraisers. In fact, we believe we can have an even stronger advocacy position as a part of CoreLogic.

Will a la mode still exist?

Yes. CoreLogic didn't acquire us with the intent to shut us down. We'll continue to give you the best appraisal software and advocate on appraisers' behalf, just as we always have.

Is a la mode now considered an AMC?

No, we're a software company just as we've always been. CoreLogic as a large company, does have several business units including an AMC, but our focus will remain on providing best in class software for Appraisers.

Will CoreLogic have access to my appraisal data?

a la mode, as part of CoreLogic, will continue to honor the product licensing agreement which outlines how we treat the data. We will continue to treat data securely and notify you to get your explicit agreement if something changes.

Click here to view the current terms of use.   Or, you can access the EULA (End User License Agreement), by opening TOTAL. Then, click Help in the upper left, select About from the drop-down menu, and click View EULA.

What are the new plans for the products you've been working on?

Our fundamental mission hasn't changed. We're going to develop products that help you do your job faster and with more credibility. Our plans for TOTAL — and for Titan — remain unchanged.

Should I expect to see changes to TOTAL?

TOTAL (along with all our other products) is always improving. That won't change. In fact, we're confident that this acquisition will help us bring product improvements to you faster than we have before.

Will this impact my software, support, profiles, payment methods, etc.?

Nothing is changing with your software, account, payment, or renewal date. Your account status will remain the same. And the sales reps that you've worked with over the years are still here and available at the same phone number.

What does this mean for the price of my products and services?

This transaction doesn't have any influence on pricing. All our prices are listed at and haven't changed since announcing the transaction.

You've always offered a guarantee on new products, is that still the case?

Yes. We've always believed appraisal software is so mission‑critical that you should test it in your real, everyday business. Short‑term demos and trial periods don't allow for that.

Our unmatched, 100‑day, money‑back guarantee is still in place and we have no plans to change that. We're confident that after you use TOTAL and the rest of our tools, you'll see why well over half of all appraisers choose us.

I use other CoreLogic products, will those now be included in my a la mode orders?

Not at this point. It will take some time for us to work with CoreLogic's products and business units to determine if bundling everything is something that's beneficial to appraisers.

For now, you'll still work with those other CoreLogic businesses, just as you did before this transaction.

Will I lose any products or services?

No. Everything will continue to work just as it has.

What changes are you making to support?

Customer support and service has always been top priority. Through the years appraisers have raved about our service levels. They're the best in the appraisal industry, and about every other sector for that matter. That won't change.

You'll continue to use the same phone numbers and talk to the same Oklahoma City‑based team you've always relied on.

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