Using TOTAL on your Apple computer

Using TOTAL on your Apple Computer

Document 1015  |  Last updated:  03/16/2022 MJY

TOTAL can only be installed to the Windows operating system. But, if you have the technical expertise, or a great local technician, it's possible to run Windows and TOTAL on a Mac. Older Macs with Intel processors that meet our minimum system requirements are capable of running Windows and TOTAL. Newer Macs with Apple silicon like the M1 chip have gone through varying states of working and not working — regarding Windows and the Windows components needed to run our software.

As the cooperation between Apple silicon, virtual machine software, and Windows isn't something we have control over, we can't recommend Macs with Apple silicon. Instead, we recommend PCs built for Windows that require no emulation or virtual machine software — these setups create the least complicated experience for TOTAL users.

For those that still want to try a virtual machine setup, here are a few things we suggest:

  • Have a good backup PC ready to go in case you encounter any issues.
  • Make sure you know a local technician that has a lot of experience with your chosen setup as they will have to troubleshoot many of the technical issues you may face. While our technicians are TOTAL experts, they have a limited ability to help with technical issues on these setups.
  • In your virtual machine software, allocate at least 8‑16 GBs of RAM to your Windows virtual machine
Keep in mind that Titan Reports is our web‑based formfilling solution that can be accessed on any computer via a web browser. So, there's no restrictive software to download or install. You can log in to Titan Reports and work on your reports on a Mac using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

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