Using TOTAL on your Apple computer

Using TOTAL on your Apple Computer

Document 1015  |  Last updated:  10/12/2021 SPB

TOTAL can't be installed and run natively on a Mac — it must run on the Windows operating system, using Boot Camp or third‑party virtual machine software. Using TOTAL on a Mac requires that the Mac have an Intel processor, and also meets our system requirements.

While we can break down the differences between running Windows on your Mac in a Virtual Machine or with Apple's Boot Camp, we're not Mac experts. If you have any issue with getting Windows running on your Mac, you'll need to consult with a local technician. Our Support Technicians are unable to assist with this process.

Keep in mind that Titan Reports is our web‑based formfilling solution that can be accessed on any computer via a web browser. So, there's no restrictive software to download or install. You can log in to Titan Reports and work on your reports on a Mac using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

The best solution for running TOTAL on a Mac is to use Apple's Boot Camp. To learn more about what devices and operating systems are supported by Boot Camp, click here.

 This is the fastest way to run Windows, and any Windows based application.
 It uses fewer system resources than virtual machines, allowing TOTAL to run at its full potential.
 Boot Camp is free, completely supported by Apple, and is already installed on your Mac — you just have to set it up.
 When using Windows through Boot Camp, our Support technicians are able to fully support and assist you with TOTAL.
 You can only be in one operating system at a time. To switch between OS X and Windows, you must reboot your system.
 Depending on the Mac device, there may be a limited number of Windows operating systems supported. To view which versions of Windows are supported by your device, click here.

If Apple's Boot Camp isn't an option, you can use a third‑party software that emulates the Windows environment within OS X. Our Customers have seen the most success using Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion.

TOTAL doesn’t run on Apple computers with an M1 chip running Parallels 16 with Windows 10 ARM. TOTAL relies on .NET Framework 4.8, which Microsoft hasn’t made compatible with Windows 10 ARM.
 You don't have to completely reboot your system to switch operating systems.
 You can move files between the virtual machine and the host operating system more easily.
  resources are shared between the host (OS X) and the virtual machine (Windows). This can cause a slow‑down in performance for both operating systems.
 Printing may be difficult, as some printers aren't OS X compatible.
 Opening certain files may be more difficult.
 In most cases, you'll need to pay an additional fee for a copy of the virtual machine software on top of the Windows license.
 Because Windows will be running within third‑party software, our Support technicians may be limited in their troubleshooting abilities.

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