Automatic E‑mail Client Setup

To set up your CertMail account in Outlook automatically.

  1. In CertMail, click Options.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Mail Client Configuration Wizard link.

    If you're using a dial-up Internet connection, you will need the name of that connection before you continue.  To determine the name of your dial-up Internet connection, click Start, Control Panel (or Start, Settings, Control Panel if you don't find it in the main menu.).  Then, find and click Network Connections to view a list of connections on your computer.  Just find your dial-up connection in the list and write down the name of that connection.

  3. When the Mail Client Configuration Wizard appears, mark the option that corresponds with how you connect to the Internet.  Options are:
  4. Next, choose the version of Outlook you want to configure for CertMail.  If you are unsure which version of Outlook you are using, you can always open Outlook and click Help, About to find the version information.  If you do not have a full version of Outlook, choose Outlook Express as it is the free version that comes with every copy of Windows.

  5. Finally, mark the option for either an IMAP setup or POP3 setup.  An IMAP setup is ideal for those who always use a high speed connection to the Internet.  It was designed for high speed connections and has a broader set of features and functionality that POP3.  A POP3 setup was designed for dial up Internet connections, but due to its age, it often proves to be the more stable of the two technologies.  If you're using a laptop and are frequently on-the-go or if you have a dial-up or satellite Internet connection, this is your best option.  If you have a high speed connection and have experienced problems using IMAP, POP3 may alleviate some of those problems.
  6. Click Create to create your e‑mail account setup file.
  7. Click OK in the message that appears.
  8. If you chose Outlook Express, you will be prompted about whether you want to Run or Save the file.  Click Run and then click Yes to verify that you want to add the information to the registry.  If you chose any other version of Outlook you will be prompted about whether you want to Open or Save the file.  Click Open and then click OK to continue.

    As Windows may handle the Run/Open function differently depending on your Windows version and current update, it may not work properly for all users.  If you experience difficulties with the Run/Open option, choose Save instead of Run/Open in the step above and save the file to a familiar location like your Desktop.  You can then run the file from there, by just double-clicking it.

  9. If you chose Outlook Express, additional messages may also appear, just click OK to continue.
  10. When the final message has been confirmed, your Outlook setup is complete.  Just close the small window with setup information and open your copy of Outlook to access your CertMail.