Using Multimedia Content

Multimedia files like videos and music can add a rich dimension to your site. Visitors can view or listen to these items while browsing through your site, increasing the chances that they'll spend more time learning about your business.

The Content Editor allows you to upload these types of files and then create links to them within your pages.

  1. In the Content Editor, click the Insert Media button in the toolbar.

  2. In the Media Manager screen, select the media file you wish to insert into your page or click on the Upload Media tab to upload a new file.

    The remaining options pertain to how the media file is displayed and functions on the page. At any time, click the Switch to Preview Mode check box to view or listen to your media file.

    These settings are applied to the media file in your File Library, not to the current web page. Thus, once set for a particular media file, these options will apply whenever that file is inserted into a page. Likewise, to modify the settings for a media file already inserted into one or more pages, simply open the Media Manager, select the file and make your changes.
  3. When you're satisfied with your options, click Insert to embed the media file into your web page.

    The Media Manager supports many popular media formats, including:

    • AVI
    • MOV
    • MPG
    • MPEG
    • WMV
    • MP3
    • WAV

    Some formats that are not currently supported by the Media Manager are:

    • MP4
    • M4A
    • DIVX
    • XVID
    • FLV