Site Footer

Today most websites contain key information inside the footer of every page on the site. Whether it's your contact information, logos and affiliations, or links to the main sections of your site, you should customize your site footer to provide convenient access to the relevant information on your site. To customize your site footer:

  1. From the XSite Wizard, click Site Footer in the Content menu on the left.
  2. Check the boxes beside each piece of contact information (taken from the Company Information step) you wish to include in your footer.
  3. If you want to provide links to the important pages of your site in the footer, check the Include Navigation as Text Links box in the Site Navigation section. Then, click Customize, check the box beside each page of your site that you wish to include in your footer, and then click Save. For best results, limit the boxes you check to just the MOST important pages of your site.
  4. To create your own custom footer, check the Include a Custom Footer box in the Build Your Own Site Footer section. Then, click Customize, use the Content Editor to design your custom footer, and click Update to save it.
  5. To include a convenient link to your site administrator login page at the footer of your site, check the Include a Link in My Footer Called "Admin Login" box in the Other Prefs section.
  6. To include a foreclosure search tool at the bottom of every page of your site so your prospects can search for foreclosures on and contact you with questions, check the Include the "Foreclosure Listings" Footer box in the Other Prefs section.
  7. When finished, click Save to save your changes or click Next to save your changes and move to the next step in the Wizard.