Setting Up Your Fee Splits

Before you can take full advantage of your XSite's employee payment tracking tools, you must first setup your Appraiser fee splits.

  1. From the Fees Setup section of your XSite's Business Management, click the Define Appraiser Splits link below the Navigation pane.
  2. Now, click Create new fee table.
  3. Type a name for your fee table such as "Staff Appraiser" or "Trainee" in the box provided.
  4. Add or remove any products with which you have Appraiser fee splits to the list.
    If your split amount or percentage is consistent across multiple appraisal products, you can simply fill out the varying splits for the products to which they apply and then choose All Other Products for the consistent split to save time.

  5. Once you've added all necessary products, for each product choose a Split Type (percentage/dollar amount) and enter the split percentages/amounts into the Appraiser, Supervisor and Other fields.
  6. When finished click Save and indicate whether you want to backdate your changes to any existing orders.