Search & Replace

Appraiser XSites contain a great feature that allows you to run a search and replace on a single page, multiple pages, or even your entire XSite. This is useful for replacing generic phrasing in our provided content with something more personal. To run a search and replace on your XSite:

  1. From the XSite Wizard, click Search & Replace in the Extra Tools pane.
  2. Enter the word or phrase you want to search for.
  3. Now, type what you'd like to replace it with.
    We do not recommend using the Search & Replace function to replace common words, such as changing "I" to "We".
  4. Select the pages on which you want your new text. You can use Select All to mark all active pages. There's no "undo" on the Search and Replace so you'll want to be sure about your new text.

  5. Click the Search & Replace button.

Like all XSite functions, your changes are "live" as soon as they're made, so be especially careful when using this tool.