Organize Content

The Organize Content step of the XSites Wizard is where you decide how links to the content on your site are organized.  Simply drag and drop each page to organize them in the order in which you want them to appear on your site.


Nest content and create fly-out menus

It's easy to create fly out menus within your secondary navigation bar by nesting content within another page. When you do this, the nested pages appear when a user moves their mouse over the main page.  This is a great way to enhance your site by providing a lot of relevant information for your clients without cluttering your site with too many buttons.  To nest content and create fly out menus:

  1. Click and drag a page on top of another page in the Secondary Navigation area.
  2. When the Secondary Navigation button that you want to turn into a fly out menu turns dark blue, drop the page and it automatically creates a fly out menu.
  3. To view the items in your fly out menu, simply click the plus icon (  ) and the nested pages within it are displayed below that button item.