Login Manager

Your XSite's Login Manager allows you to link your XSite with your client's account.  Once you've logged in and verified your account information, your XSite will synchronize and display any orders you've accepted via your client's order management portal.

Follow the instruction below to link your XSite with your client's account:

  1. From XSite’s order management, click Login Manager in the Navigation pane on the left.

  2. In the screen that appears, select your client from the drop-down menu.  Then, enter your e‑mail address (or username) and password.

    Login Manager

  3. Once you've selected your client and entered the login information for your client's portal, click Verify and Save.
  4. To remove an existing user and/or log in with a different account, click Clear Credentials.  Then, enter the new login information and click Verify and Save.
  5. Click OK on the confirmation that your credentials have been saved.

That's it!  Once you've linked your accounts, your XSite synchronizes any new orders you accept from your client's portal.  Keep in mind that an order must be accepted from your client's order management portal before it will be displayed in XSitethe Orders section of Business Management on your XSite.