Linking to Other Web Pages

Linking to other pages outside of your website is simple with the content editor's Hyperlink Manager.

This process creates a link within your content. If, instead, you want to create a button in your XSite's menus that links to an external web page, see the Creating Links to Other Websites section of this guide.
  1. In the Content Editor, place your cursor where you'd like to insert the link. Alternatively, if you want to turn some existing text or an image into a hyperlink, select the text (or image) you want the user to click.
  2. Click the Hyperlink Manager icon (  ) .

  3. In the screen that appears, type or paste the URL (web address) of the page to which you wish to link into the URL field.

  4. If you did not select text or an image in your page to turn into a link in the previous steps, type some text to use as the clickable link into the Link Text box. If you type nothing into the Link Text box, the Hyperlink Manager simply inserts the URL (web address) into your page as a link.
  5. Choose a type of link to insert. In most cases, the default option of http:// will suffice. All other options available are more advanced and require some knowledge of website technology.
  6. Choose a Target from the drop‑down menu provided. Options are:
  7. Finally, type a brief description of the link into the Tooltip field. This description then pops up whenever someone hovers the cursor over the link and provides search engines with one other piece of information they can use to rank your site.
  8. Click OK to add your link to the page.