Importing/Exporting Your Schedule

If you've been keeping a schedule in a different application, you can transfer appointments and tasks to and from your online schedule. Here's how to import appointments:

  1. In the contact manager, and then click Tools, Schedule Import / Export.
  2. Select the Import method and either Activity or Task for your type.
  3. In most programs, "Activities" are like appointments with a definite start/stop time and often a way to mark you as busy. "Tasks" are more like a To‑Do list with a due date and schedule. XSites scheduling presently handles activities and tasks in the same manner.

  4. Click the drop‑down menu and choose the program from which you are importing. Depending on the program you choose, different instructions will appear in the "Help" part of the screen to assist you with specifics.
  5. Click Get Data and the possible entries are first displayed on the right. Mark the ones you wish to copy into your online schedule (or use Select All) and then click Import.
If you're using Microsoft Outlook 2003, you may be warned that a program is trying to access your email addresses. This is, of course, what the import function is doing. To continue, click the Allow access for check box, then select 10 minutes from the drop‑down menu and click Yes.

Exporting activities from your online schedule works in reverse of importing.

  1. After clicking Import/Export, mark the Export option.
  2. Change the type to Activity.
  3. You should be presented with the Activities in your schedule. Mark the ones you wish to copy to your 3rd party scheduling program.
  4. Then, click Export. All the items you marked are then copied directly into your other scheduler.

If you use a 3rd party contacts program not directly supported our online scheduling tools, try using the Excel option as your Destination format. It is likely that your program includes features to read from this common format.