Finding Contacts

When you view your Contacts database, you're first presented with a list of all contacts in your database. You have several options available for locating a particular individual or company.


  1. First, select the kind of contact you wish to search for (My Contacts, My Shared Contacts, Public Contacts, etc.) by selecting it in the Contact View menu. Search for any deleted contacts by selecting Deleted from the drop‑down menu.

  2. Click the Search In drop-down on the right to select a specific field you'd like to search.

  3. Next, type the keywords or search criteria you're looking for in the search field.

  4. Press Enter, or click the magnifying glass icon (  ) to perform the search.
  5. Click the gray X (  ) in the text field, or click the X in the blue Filter banner to clear the search and display all of your contacts.

Filter options

Alternatively, you can search for contacts through the Search Contacts tool in My Office.