Editor Views

The editor toolbar normally located at the bottom of the page includes a number of buttons that allow you to change the current view of the page.


Design mode — This is the default view, allowing you to modify your content and use any of the editor's tools.


HTML mode — This switches the display to show you the raw, HTML code that makes up your page content and design. If you're familiar with HTML programming, this can give you an additional level of control over the appearance of your page and how it functions.


Preview mode — If you want to see how your page will appear in a browser, click this button. In this mode you cannot edit any of the text or other elements.


Full Screen mode — While in Design Mode, if you feel a bit constrained and would like to have a more space on‑screen to edit your page, click this button (located to the right)


Show/Hide Border — Shows or hides borders around tables in the content area.


Zoom Level — While in Design Mode, you can adjust your display to show more of the page at once, or have it zoom in to show more detail. Click the drop down menu and select the desired zoom level.


Module Manager — Activates /Deactivates modules from a drop‑down list of available modules. Turning off some of the modules will give you a bit more screen space in which to edit your content.


Toggle Docking — Docks all floating toolbars to their respective docking areas.