Customizing the Header Image

The header image is the graphic near the top of your XSite Home page. This default image can be changed to one of several included with your XSite, or to a custom image you've created yourself.

Each XSite theme has a slightly different header image size. For mobile‑friendly themes, we recommend a width of 1400 to 1500 pixels, and a height of 400 to 700 pixels. If you're using a custom header image, make sure the filename contains no spaces.

To change the header image on your XSite:

  1. In the Theme Prefs section of the XSites Wizard, click the Change your image link.
  2. The Upload Your Header Image window opens, and includes two tabs: The first lets you choose a new header from the collection provided with your XSite. The other lets you upload one from your local PC.
  3. To use a Provided Header graphic, first single‑click on the file names in the list to see a preview. Once you find the one you want, click Upload. Notice some of these are from other themes. So, if you don't like the layout of one theme, you can still use its graphic.
  4. To use a graphic you've created, click the Upload a Header tab.
  5. Browse to the saved image on your PC and click Open, then Upload.