Creating Client Data Capture Forms

To create a new Client Data Capture form:

  1. From your site's Client Data Capture tools, click Form Manager in the Lead Tools pane on the left.
  2. In the Client Data Capture Form Manager, click Create a Form.
  3. In the screen that appears, type a name for the form into the top field — for example, "Newsletter Signup".

  4. In the field below that, type a description, instructions, or notes you'd like to provide your prospect.
    Explanations about why you need specific information or guarantees that you will respect the prospect's privacy have proven to boost Client Data Capture form effectiveness.
  5. Below the instructions field, you'll find a field labeled "Send lead notifications to:". This is where you can specify an alternate email address to receive your Client Data Capture notices. By default, Client Data Capture notices are sent to the XSite admin account.
  6. There are two items you can add to your forms: Groups and Fields.
  7. As necessary, toggle your fields between short, one-line responses and longer, multi-line responses by clicking the single line (  ) and multi-line (  ) icons to the right of each field.
  8. To flag a field as "required" so that the prospect is forced to fill it out to submit a form, check the box beside the field.
  9. Rearrange your groups and fields into the desired order by using the green up (  ) and down (  ) arrows beside each group and field.
  10. If necessary, delete a group or field using the delete icon (  ) to its right.
  11. When finished creating your form, click Save.

To add a Client Data Capture form to a page in your XSite, see the Embedding Client Data Capture Forms section of this user guide.