Creating Accounts

Your site's user accounts are directly tied to your site's CertMail accounts (if you own any).  Whenever you create an account in your site's user manager, you also have the option to create a branded e‑mail address for the new site user and can also optionally create a profile for the user in your site's staff directory.


Creating User Accounts

To create a user account in your site:

  1. In your site's User Management, click Add User on the left side of the screen.  Choose to use either "An external e‑mail, like Yahoo, MSN, etc." (your current 3rd‑party e‑mail address) or "Your XSite's CertMail" (an e‑mail address using your site's domain) as the login for your site.
    Whenever you mark the CertMail option for your login account, your site automatically creates a CertMail account for you when you save the profile.  Just be sure to follow the steps in the section "Creating CertMail Accounts" below.
  2. Then, type in the preferred e‑mail address, a strong account password, and a security question/answer.
  3. At minimum, enter the first and last name in the fields provided in the User Information section.
  4. Then, fill in any other relevant contact information, create an account profile, or apply user privileges as needed.
  5. When finished, click Save to create or update your account.


Creating e‑mail Accounts

Whenever you select CertMail as your preferred e‑mail service so that you can brand your e‑mail with your company's dotcom, your site automatically creates a new e‑mail account attached to your web address when you save your profile.  To take full advantage of your new e‑mail account, you should also take a moment to apply the correct time zone, an e‑mail friendly name, and any e‑mail appropriate e‑mail aliases to your account.  To do so:

  1. While editing your user account, type an e‑mail Friendly Name into the box provided.  e‑mail "friendly names" are the labels that appear in a recipient's e‑mail box whenever you send an e‑mail through your CertMail account.  For example, an e‑mail from would state that it's from without an e‑mail friendly name.  But with the e‑mail friendly name of "Joel Baker," the same e‑mail would state that it's from "Joel Baker" when it reaches the recipients' inbox.
  2. Select your Time Zone from the provided box so that the e‑mail you receive is stamped with the appropriate time for your area of the country.
  3. Then, as necessary, create any CertMail e‑mail aliases you wish to use with this account and click Save to apply your changes.