Configuring XSellerate

Before you start building campaigns with XSellerate, you should take a few moments to configure your preferences. To access XSellerate's settings:

  1. In XSellerate, click Settings in the XSellerate Configure panel.

  2. In the XSellerate Settings window that appears, choose the default recipient view you want to appear when selecting contacts for a campaign. Options include:
  3. Next, specify whether you want to deliver ads at intervals or a specific date by default. Just mark the appropriate Schedule & Delivery Default. Then, type in a default interval in days for ads you schedule by interval.
  4. Now, click Edit My Signature to set up your email signature. email signatures are standard blocks of text that are included in all of your ads. While you can add other information to your signature as well, email signatures generally contain your contact information so that you put that information into the hands of the recipient. Using this feature allows you to make changes to your signature block in the future — say if you change employers — without having to go back and edit every ad that may include it.

  5. When the editing tool appears, make the desired changes to your email signature and click Save.
  6. Then, click Save again in the Settings screen to apply your changes.