Client Data Capture

While websites are effective for many areas of your business, one of the most common and significant ways you can use it is as a means of capturing client information that you can use to pursue a business relationship. And to be successful capturing client information online, you need three things:

  1. Tactics — You can't capture client information without a plan to do so. The tools alone cannot do the tactical work for you.
  2. Forms — A way to collect information from qualified prospects.
  3. Email Campaigns — Since many clients will not be ready for an appraisal immediately, you will need a way to keep in touch with the prospect over the course of time.

Your site provides both the forms and the email campaigns (if you own XSellerate). While tactics vary depending on the purpose of your business, you should consult our training archives at if you need some assistance determining the proper tactics for your business.

When you are ready to begin building forms and attaching them to your website to capture client information, your site's Client Data Capture tools will assist you with that process. To access your site's Client Data Capture tools, hover over XSite in the top toolbar and click Client Data Capture from the menu that appears.