Charging Credit Cards

Depending on the charge, there are several ways you can process a credit card transaction through your XSite:

To process a new charge that's not associated with any specific appraisal order:

  1. From the Credit Card section of your XSite's Business Management, click New Charge in the Billing pane on the left.

  2. Fill out the transaction details including the client's name, transaction type, amount, expiration date, and credit card number at a minimum.  If you have a contact record for the client in your address book, click the book icon beside the first name field to select the contact from your address book and automatically fill out the client's information.

  3. To e‑mail a copy of the invoice to your client, check the e‑mail Invoice? box.
    You'll need to fill out your company information and select an invoice template in the Invoices section of your credit card processing tools before you can e‑mail the invoice to your client.
  4. If you're charging a new client and would like to add the client to your address book, check the Add Customer to Contacts? box.
  5. When finished, click Process to securely place the charge.
    To ensure the maximum in secure transactions, all credit card transactions through Appraiser XSites are fully encrypted with SSL and fully PCI compliant.
  6. Once the transaction completes, the Transaction Results window appears and displays the details of the charge.  To print an invoice as a receipt for your client, click Invoice.  Otherwise, click Close to close the window.

    Transaction Results