Business Management is now Titan Office

When Business Management launched in the early 2000s, it was the perfect tool for managing orders from your XSite. Since then, your needs as an appraiser have changed. You told us you wanted a tool that would work with TOTAL, and that you needed more control over who in your office could see certain business information — something that Business Management doesn't offer. That's why we developed Titan Office.

Titan Office helps you run your office more smoothly. It's chock‑full of features including TOTAL and Titan integration, calendar updates, customer notification messaging, inspection scheduling, and more to help you get paid faster, communicate better, and make your office more efficient.

Click here to go to the Titan Office User's Guide. Or, if you don't own Titan Office yet, click here to learn more about it.

As an XSite owner, you already have access to some features of Titan Office. Click here to see a breakdown of what you can do without owning Titan — and what's available if you do own it.