Birthday/Anniversary Marketing

One of the best ways to impact your customers through your marketing efforts is to remember and acknowledge key events in the client's life.  To that effect XSellerate offers an automatic birthday marketing system that extends itself to market to clients on their anniversary of becoming a customer in certain real estate markets.  To set up an automatic birthday greeting using XSellerate:

  1. From your contact manager, create or edit a contact.
  2. Open the Birthdays and Anniversaries section of the contact's detailed information and type in the contact's birthday or, if it's relevant, their anniversary of being your client.
  3. In the Birthday field, enter the contact's birthday.
  4. Click Save to save the contact.
  5. A prompt appears offering you the chance to enroll this contact in a birthday XSellerate campaign.

Once you enroll contacts into the XSellerate birthday campaign, XSellerate automatically emails them the day before the occurrence of each future birthday.