As you use XSite's Business Management to manage your billing and invoicing needs, your XSite tracks your billing activities so that you can easily monitor them from right within Business Management.

The dashboard provides a high level overview of your recent billing activities so you can quickly get an understanding of your recent workload, top clients, and billed work.  To use the business management dashboard…

  1. Log in to your XSite, and click Business Management in the toolbar at the top.
  2. From the Business Management landing page, click Dashboard on the left.

    If you're starting from a different area of Business Management, click Dashboard in the Navigation pane on the left.

  3. Then, use the filters to indicate the time range you want to review.  There are four key areas your XSite's Dashboard offers to help you track your billing activities:

    Allows you to track the progress of your business against prior days, weeks, quarters, or years.  The default time ranges for comparison are This Year and Last Year to help you compare this year’s performance against last year’s.  You can monitor the quantity of your new and completed orders or monitor your volume by dollar figure.  To change the time ranges, simply click the link in the Period column.
    Top 5 Clients by Volume:
    You can control the time range for this “report” by clicking the Today, Week, Month, Qtr, and Year links.
    Office Workload:
    This is a breakdown of all orders that are still in progress based on the internal status logged in your XSite.
    Invoice Analysis:
    Click between Today, Week, Month, Qtr, Year, and All to view a snapshot of your invoicing, including Total Billed and Total Due, the Current due and Late invoices in the "Total Due" Analysis, and you can also monitor the frequency of overdue payments via the Late Payments Analysis at the bottom.