Attaching Domains to Pages

If you need to attach one of your domain names directly to a specific page of your site, you can do so through your site's domain manager. To attach a domain name to a page of your site:

  1. Click the XSite button in the top toolbar.
  2. Click Manage Domains in the Content pane on the left.
  3. In the middle of the page, the domain names associated with your XSite are listed. Locate the domain you wish to attach to a page of your site and click the Select page link beside it.

  4. Make sure Point this domain to a page is selected. Then use the Active and Inactive options beside the Content and Listings options to find the page you wish to associate with the domain in the list on the right. You can also choose the See all content and listings option to view every page on your XSite.

  5. When you find the appropriate page to associate with your domain, click to select it from the list and click Update Domain Settings.
  6. Once the domain has been associated with the page, you'll receive a confirmation at the top of the window indicating that it was successful. Click Close to return to the XSite Wizard.