Adding Your Company Name

Including a text header is a lot easier than creating a custom header image or formatting your logo and still gives you several options for highlighting your company name.

To add your company name to the header of your XSite:

  1. In the Theme Prefs section of the XSites Wizard, ensure that the Include my company name check box is checked.
  2. Type your company name in the large text box. This information is preloaded with the company name you provided when you signed up for your Agent XSite, but you can change it here.
    To insert a line break in your company name, press Shift+Enter.
  3. Above the text box, you'll find several options for modifying the text. The options are similar to those found in many word processors and email clients.
  4. On the sample screen above, you'll see how your text looks on your XSite's header. Simply use your mouse to position your company name exactly where you want it.
  5. Enter your Secondary header text. This is the slogan that appears in your site header and one of the first things people see on your site.
  6. Above the text box, there are several options for modifying the text. As necessary, turn on Bold, Italics or Underline by clicking the corresponding button.

If you're using a custom logo file with your company name in it, you can turn off the text by unchecking the Include my company name box.