Setting Up Your Product List

Before your clients can begin placing orders on your website, you first need to set up the list of products you offer through your appraisal business.  Your Appraiser XSite frees you to use any of the industry standard products like a URAR/Full Appraisal or any custom product that you offer.  To set up your product list:

  1. From the Fees Setup section of your XSite's Business Management, click Product List in the links below the Navigation pane on the left.
  2. Review the list of Available Products on the left.  If any products that you offer are not listed in the Available Products list, click Add new product. Then, fill out any important details about the product and click OK to add it to your product list.  Product details include:
  3. As necessary, click any product in the Active list and then click the red left arrow to remove it from your Active products list.
  4. Once you have all the products you need in the Available list on the left, click each product you wish to add to your product list and then click the green arrow between the Active and Available product lists to add it to your list.

Once you've configured your product list, you can set up client-specific fees, turnaround times, and more to cater to good clients.