Service Area Map

If you service different geographical areas, specify them here.

  1. While in the XSite Wizard, click Service Area in the Extra Tools pane on the left.
  2. A map of the entire US appears allowing you to select counties and regions in multiple states if necessary.  Click the first state that has areas you cover.

  3. If you can define your coverage areas by entire counties, click Select Whole County.   Or, if you're going to need to specify partial counties either in the current state or an additional state, click Draw My Service Area.
    Your XSite is only able to show either whole counties or what you've drawn - you can't combine the methods.
  4. Click your counties or draw in your area.   To draw an area by hand, just click and drag your mouse to draw a shape.  You don't have to do them all at once in case the areas aren't connected.   If you make a mistake, click Clear Service Areas to get a fresh start.
  5. To pan the map, hover over one of the arrows.  Or, click the arrow to move to that state and continue selecting regions you cover.
  6. Enter other text you want to appear on the page with your coverage areas.  This could point out conditions for certain areas or something similar.
  7. From here, you can also mark whether you want the page to be included in your site and define the button name and the URL that links directly to the page on your site.
  8. When you're through marking your areas and setting options, click Save to lock in changes and click My Content in the Content pane on the left to return to step 6.