Restoring XSite Snapshots

Using XSites Snapshot, you can easily create restore points so that you can restore your XSite to a previous state at any point in time. To restore a previously saved Snapshot of your XSite:

  1. From the XSites SnapShot tool, find the Snapshot you want to restore in the list of previously saved Snapshots. To review the contents of any saved Snapshot, just click the Settings link.
  2. When you find the Snapshot you want to restore, click the Restore link beside it.
  3. In the prompt that appears, click Continue Restore and then select all of the content items you wish to restore using the provided list of check boxes.

  4. You're prompted to select the items you wish to restore. Depending on whether this is an Advanced or Quick Snapshot, different options will appear. Quick Mode limits you to restoring the entire visual appearance of your site, all of the content of your site, or both. Advanced mode offers you the full list of items you included in your Snapshot. For best results, when restoring an Advanced Snapshot, be sure to restore all items related to those that you check. Here's a list of all of the items you can restore grouped by their relationships to each other.

    Visual Appearance

    My Theme
    • Theme Selection — Your active XSite theme from the My Theme step of the Wizard
    • Theme Background Image — The header image you've selected in the Theme Preferences step of the Wizard
    • Theme Color Settings — The color you've selected to use on your XSite
    • Header Animation — Any animation effect you've added to your company name in the header of your XSite
    • Company Name — The company name you've entered into the header of your XSite
    • Secondary Header Text — Your chosen text, font family, font size and font style in the "Secondary Header Text" section of the "Theme Prefs" step of your XSite Wizard.
    Other Visual Items
    • Logo — Your active logo as defined in the Theme Preferences step of the Wizard
    • Theme‑integrated Personal Photo — The photo you've selected to use in the side navigation of your XSite
    • Animated Intro — Your currently selected site intro movie
    • Sound Settings — The music and button sound settings you've selected in the Wizard

    Content Options

    • Primary Navigation Selections / Order — The ordering of the pages you've listed in the header navigation area of your site
    • Secondary Navigation Selections / Order — The ordering of the pages you've listed in the secondary navigation area of your site.
    Other Settings
    • Footer Settings — The custom content, contact info settings, page links, and other options you've selected to include in the footer of your XSite
  5. Finally, click Restore this Snapshot to begin the restoration process. Once the restoration process is complete, click Close.