Order Completion Tool

As you continue to use your Appraiser XSite, you may find a need to mark multiple appraisal orders as complete at one time.  Rather than opening each individual order and changing the status to complete, you can use your XSite's built-in order completion tool to easily update multiple orders.  To use the order completion tool.

  1. From your XSite's order management, click the Order Completion Tool link below the Find box on the left side of the screen.
  2. A screen appears showing you one page of active orders on your XSite.  Check each of the orders you wish to mark as complete or use the Mark All and Unmark All links to select/deselect all of the orders in the page.

  3. Next, indicate whether you want to Send Notification of the status change to your clients by checking or unchecking the available box.
  4. Finally, click Complete to update the status of all the orders you've marked.  If you indicated you wanted to send notification to your clients, completion notices are immediately sent to your clients as well.