Online Ordering

In order to leverage the power of your XSite's online ordering system, you first need to enable and tell it how things work in your office.  Click each of the links in the following checklist for specific details about each step of the setup process.  Not all of the items in the following checklist are essential.  The items that are required to fully enable your XSite's online ordering system are marked with a red asterisk ( * ).

Online Ordering Setup Topics

Enable online ordering*
Sending yourself a practice order
Define your product list*
Create client fee lists
Assign client fee tables
Setting up your billing options
Create appraiser fee splits
Assign appraiser fee splits
Publish coverage area*
Set up user accounts*
Set up client accounts
Set up late payment notices
Set up credit card processing

Once you've enabled the online ordering features, you can access your orders and administrate your online ordering portal through the Orders area of your XSite.  To access it, place your cursor over Business Management in the main toolbar at the top of the screen and then, click Orders in the toolbar that drops down.  From the ordering portal on your XSite:

If your primary concern is to get listed in the XSites Network, the only online ordering steps required to submit your listing to the XSites Network are to Enable online ordering, define your products and fees, publish your coverage area, and to, at least, set up your own user profile.  For more information about getting listed in the XSites Network, refer to the XSites Network FAQ.