Getting Started

Your Appraiser XSite is so much more than just a web page or billboard.   With more and more appraisal practices becoming "virtual" businesses, you need something to keep remote employees tied together.  That's what your XSite does - manage orders, email, communicate in forums and more.  We're happy to bring you this new technology and confident you'll find it an easy way to enhance your appraisal business - and maybe just have some fun doing it!

This online guide is designed to lead you through your Appraiser XSite and provide answers to your questions.  Just click the topics on the left side of the screen to access different chapters of this online guide.  Or, click Search on the lower left of the page to search for a specific keyword or topic.

Of course, we also offer a printable version of this guide.  Click here to download a PDF version of this manual that you can read on screen and print.