Editing Orders

To edit an existing order on your XSite:

  1. From your XSite's order management, double-click any order in the list to access details and make changes to it.
  2. At the top of the Order Details pane are a number of options for working with your orders.  Click any of the options to manager your order.  Options are:

    Add Internal Status:
    Depending on what the current status of the order is, you have different options when you click this button.  For example, if an inspection hasn't been scheduled, it defaults to that status item.
    Edit the original order form.
    Upload documents or use the DirectFax feature that digitizes things you fax to your website.
    Generate a hard copy of the order details.
    This allows you to generate invoices from the information contained in your XSite order.  In addition, you can also use this to quickly take credit card payments for the active order.
    This naturally takes an order out of your active list.  You may want to use Delete on test and sample orders so they don't affect your statistics and reporting.