Blog Networking

One of the benefits of blogging is that you can network with other bloggers by linking your blogs. By doing this, you can not only provide your readers with other topics of interests relevant to your industry, but typically you also increase the exposure and traffic on both sites. To link your blog to another blog on the XSites Network:

  1. Hover over XSite in the top toolbar and click Blog in the toolbar that drops down.

  2. Click Links in the Blogging pane on the left.

  3. Click Create a blog link to add a new site link.

  4. To find another XSite blogger, type any known information in the search fields and click Search. If you don't have a particular XSite owner in mind, click the Browse button and click the map to drill down to any county in the country and display a list of XSite owners in that area who have active blogs.
  5. Scroll through the list to find the desired blogger. If necessary, use the numbered icons at the top of the list to see more sites. When you find a site with which you want to create a link, just click the Add Blog link for that site. The site owner receives an email letting them know you've linked to their blog.

At any later time, if you wish to dissolve the link between your blogs, simply return to this section of your site and click the Delete icon to the right of the blog you wish to remove.