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Work with Image Pages


The Image pages list on the left side of the Images PowerView shows all of the photo pages currently in your document.


To add additional photos pages…

  1. In the Images PowerView, click Add at the top of the Image pages pane to bring up the Contents page.
  2. The list on the left shows the available photo pages in WinTOTAL. From this list, double-click a form you wish to add to your report.
  3. The list on the right displays the forms you’ve added to your report.  Click and drag the new form to the desired position in the report.
  4. Continue to add photo forms and click OK when you’re done.
  Note:  If you choose to add one of the Comparable Photos pages, you should be prompted to indicate which comp or comps the page should be linked with. Enter the desired comp number and click OK. Any relevant information is automatically copied from the comp(s) to the photo page.  


Some additional options are available in the Image pages pane as well: