Use QuickPix


One of the advantages of this utility is the ability to preview the photos on your camera or storage device before you load them into your database. The process of downloading images from your digital camera into your Images Database is summarized as follows:

  1. Load previews of your photos into QuickPix.
  2. Mark the photos you wish to import.
  3. Label the previews with address, descriptions and other notes.
  4. Download the selected images into your database.


QuickPix allows you to first see previews or “thumbnails” of the images in the camera before taking the time to acquire the whole picture. It automatically assigns a filename to the pictures it downloads and inserts them into the WinTOTAL Images Database. Here’s how to do it.

  1. From QuickPix, click Previews.
  2. Once the previews are loaded, use the scroll bar on the right to move through the photos. Mark the check box to the right of those images you wish to retrieve or click Mark All to quickly select all of the photos you’ve loaded.
  3. For each photo you mark, complete the Address, Description and Notes fields, as desired. If you loaded QuickPix from within the Images PowerView, and have a report loaded in WinTOTAL, you can select the address of the subject property and any comps from the drop-down menu. Likewise, the Description field drop-down menu is populated with your common photo descriptions like Front, Rear and Street. (For instructions on adding additional photo descriptions, see the Create Photo Labels section of this user guide.
  4. Once the desired images have been marked, click Retrieve in the toolbar to import your photos.
  5. If you’ve decided to use the albums feature in Aurora, you’re prompted to give this photo set a name. Type a name in available box and click OK. Or, if you don’t want to place these in an album, click Skip and check the box to stop using albums in the future.
      Note:  See the My Albums section of this user guide to learn more about albums.  
  6. After the photos are downloaded, you return to QuickPix. If necessary, you can retrieve additional photos from this set of previews, creating separate albums for separate photo sets. For reference, the file names of those photos you’ve already retrieved appear in the upper-left corner of the preview image.
  7. When you are through downloading images, exit QuickPix by selecting Exit from the File menu.