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Use Existing Worksheets


If you’ve already created a spreadsheet in an application like MS Excel, or have one from a previous version of WinTOTAL, you can quickly load that into your current report. To do so…

  1. First, in your spreadsheet application, save your work in an MS Excel 5.0 format.
  2. In WinTOTAL’s worksheet tools, click Open from the Worksheet toolbar.
  3. Browse your system and select the spreadsheet you wish to use, and then click Open. Your custom spreadsheet should now appear in the WinTOTAL worksheet – replacing whatever spreadsheet you had before.
  Note:  You can use copy and paste to get your spreadsheet from Excel into WinTOTAL, but when you paste, only the text labels are pasted in, so you have to copy your formulas individually.