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Text Overflow Options


As you’re typing data into any multi-line text field, only a certain amount of text can fit when the report prints. Based on the field size and your default font, WinTOTAL knows how much information this is. When you exceed the limit, you’re presented with a screen allowing you to move the excess text into an addendum.


You can take advantage of WinTOTAL’s overflow capabilities in two ways: automatically and manually.  The automatic method takes care of itself.  As you’re typing, if you overflow a text field, the overflow tools launch asking you what to do.  If you need to manually overflow a field, just place your cursor in the field, and then, from WinTOTAL’s addenda tools, click Overflow in the addenda toolbar

There are two options for how the text in your form is treated when you overflow a field:

Whichever method you use, a new section heading is automatically added to your addendum. The heading for this section is displayed in two boxes in the Text Overflow Options screen. By default, the heading uses the name of the form the text is coming from, plus the name of the specific field. You can change this for each situation by editing the text in either field. Or, click the Edit Standard section title definition… link and enter new default text. You can enter any text you like, and choose a combination of the Bold, Italic and Underline links. Use the $F and $D wildcard to insert the name of the form and field, respectively, into the text. Click OK to store your new default text.

The final options let you select how you’d like the Text Overflow function to work in the future.