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Sign Reports


When your report is complete and ready to deliver, it’s first time to sign the report. This is an important step in the electronic world, as applying your digital signature also “locks” the report so it can no longer be changed.


Signing Reports

To sign a report:

  1. From the Forms PowerView, click Sign in the toolbar, or choose Tools, Sign/Unsign from the menus.


  2. Mark either the Appraiser or Supervisor option.
  3. Choose a color. You can have your signature print in blue or red (on a color printer) even if it was scanned in black.
  4. Check the box to insert the current date automatically into the Signed Date field of your report.
  5. At the bottom of the screen, a handful of other options appear and can assist you in completing various tasks with your report.  Options are:
    • Export report comps into Comparables Database – This option automatically adds the comps and subject information from your current report to your comps database so you can retrieve them easily later.  If the comp is already in your database, you may be prompted about whether you want to update the comp with the latest information in your report.
    • Set report status to complete... – If you’re using WinTOTAL’s internal status tools in conjunction with your XSite, you can indicate that the report is complete automatically when you sign a report by marking this option.
    • Deliver report using XSite Delivery Wizard – If you are using WinTOTAL in conjunction with your XSite, this feature automatically starts the XSite Delivery Wizard to deliver your report when it’s checked.  For more information on the XSite Delivery Wizard, see the Report Delivery section of this user guide.
  6. Click OK.
  7. If you configured your system to protect your signature, type the password you assigned, and click OK.

Now, all pages of the report have been "signed."


Unsigning Reports

To unsign a report: