Maps PowerView > Set Up Map Preferences

Set Up Map Preferences


The Maps PowerView provides several different options you can define to tell WinTOTAL how it should retrieve a map and what it should display in the balloons. To edit your map options…

  1. In the Maps PowerView, click the Options link in the Map pages pane on the left side of the screen.
  2. Mark your preferred options.  Options include:
    • Get location map - Mark this option if you want the Map Wizard to retrieve a location map.
    • Center on subject - Centers the location map on the subject property.
    • Get flood, census, and USPS data - Mark this option if you want the Map Wizard to retrieve flood, census, and USPS data for your report.
    • Get FEMA flood map from InterFlood - If you want the Map Wizard to download flood maps from your InterFlood account, mark this option and then indicate whether you always want to retrieve a flood map or just want a flood map whenever the subject property falls in a flood zone.
    • Use high resolution (1200 x 1800) maps - Retrieves a higher quality map so that the map is better defined in print and PDF. Keep in mind that this option may make your map appear fuzzy while it's on your screen, but actually improves the print and PDF quality/clarity of your map.
    • Display property details so that I can verify address or enter their GPS coordinates before getting maps - If you use a GPS device to retrieve the latitude and longitude of the properties in your report or if you want to always verify the property addresses before generating a map, mark this option.
    • Place Comps, Place Rentals, and Place Listings - Check the boxes for each type of property you want to display on your maps. If you may need any one of these options in your future reports, check them all. WinTOTAL only places balloons on your maps for properties that are in your current report so if you don't have any rentals, for instance, no rental balloons would appear on your map.
    • Display proximity from subject - Mark this option if you want to show the distance from the subject to each comp, rental, or listing in your comp/rental/listing balloons.
    • Show in city blocks instead of miles - If you've set WinTOTAL to show the distance from the subject on each balloon in your map, you can also set it to use city blocks as the distance unit within a certain distance from the subject. Just mark this option and then specify the number of blocks that correspond to a mile and the number of blocks at which WinTOTAL should switch to miles as the unity of measurement.
    • Display direction from subject - Mark this option to include the direction from the subject in your comp, rental, and listings balloons.
    • Map Style - Choose a map style to change the color and look of your maps. As you select a style, a live preview appears below so you can verify that you want to use that style.
    • Mapping System - Depending on your needs, you can set WinTOTAL to retrieve basic street maps from Microsoft's MapPoint (Legacy) or have WinTOTAL use Microsoft's Virtual Earth to retrieve street maps, aerial photographs, or hybrid street maps/aerial photographs. Since Virtual Earth is capable of retrieving basic street maps, unless you prefer a different map style than what is available with Virtual Earth, we recommend leaving this option set to Virtual Earth.
    • Re-use these settings and don't show this screen - If you'd prefer not to be prompted about your map preferences each time you retrieve a map, mark this option. Otherwise, leave the box unchecked if you prefer to manually alter your settings for each map you retrieve.

  3. When finished, click OK to apply your changes.