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Search for Images


You can often shorten the time it takes to find a photo you wish to use in your report by searching or sorting the images in your database.


Searching for Images

To search for an image in your Images Database…

  1. In the Images Database, type an address, street name or other information in the Find field. If you’re not sure of the complete address or street name, just type a portion of the name. For example, just entering “elm” finds anything on Elm Street, Elm Avenue, Elmhurst Blvd or Shady Elms Court.
  2. From the Search In menu, select the field you would like to search.
  3. Click Find to begin the search and display the results in the window.
  4. To reset the database view to show all photos, click Show All in the toolbar at the top.

If you’d like to narrow your search criteria even further, click the Advanced link. The Advanced Photo Search screen appears, offering additional search fields. Enter as many search criteria as needed to pinpoint your property. You can use any combination of the fields.

As with the “quick find” method described above, if you type partial information in the Address, Description, Filename or Notes fields, the program finds any photos that contain that information in their fields. If you’d like to limit your search to exact matches, check the Exact match box at the end of each field. Click OK to view the results of your search.


Sorting Images

To sort the images in your Images Database