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Scan Images


WinTOTAL provides a simple way for you to scan images into your report. Images can be photos, maps or any other paper-based documents. To scan an imageā€¦

  1. From the Images PowerView, click Scan Images in the Images pane.

  2. Click Source at the top of the screen to select the scanner device you wish to use. A list of scanner devices configured for your system appears. Select your scanner from this list and click Select.
  3. Click Acquire Image to scan a picture or Acquire Document to scan a document. Depending upon how your system is configured, your scanner software should launch and lead you through the steps to bring in your image.
  4. When the scanning process is complete, the image appears in the available box at the bottom of this view. From here, you can add a new image page and drag the scanned image to the page. See the Work with Image Pages section of this user guide for instructions on adding an appropriate page to hold your scanned image.