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Review Sent Reports


In past versions of WinTOTAL, you could view the reports you sent to customers in the EDI Center. In Aurora, the reports you send, like other e-mails, are saved in the Sent Items folder of your e-mail client (or whatever your e-mail software calls that folder). For example, to view the reports you sent through Microsoft Outlook…

  1. Click the Sent Items folder in your list of folders on the left side of your Outlook window. Or from the menu choose Go, Folder, click Sent Items, and then click OK.
  2. The reports you sent are saved in this folder. You can use any of Outlook’s advanced features to sort or find a particular report.
  3. Once you’ve found the report you want, you can resend it by opening the item, then choosing Actions, Resend This Message from the menus. Consult the documentation for your e-mail software for specific steps to accomplish these tasks.