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Report Transfer Options


If you need to customize the way that WinTOTAL retrieves map related information so that it does so in all caps, only retrieves specific pieces of information, or gets property proximities as well, you can apply your preferences through WinTOTAL’s Report Transfer Options. To apply your mapping and FEMA/Census data preferences…

  1. In the Maps PowerView, click the Report transfer options link at the top of the Information pane.

  2. Mark your preferred options.  Options include:
    • Caps - Check the first option to have your FEMA, Census and USPS data converted to all uppercase before they’re inserted in your reports.
    • FIPS # - The National Institute of Standards and Technology issues a set of codes that identifies geographic entities in the United States. Check the second box to insert these Federal Information Processing Standards (or FIPS) into your report along with the census tract information. For more information about FIPS codes, visit the US Census website at
    • Property Proximities  - If you’d like the distance from your subject property to each comp transferred directly into the comps grid, mark the Transfer proximities option.
    • FEMA/Census Data Retrieval Options – The final set of options allows you to indicate how WinTOTAL should decide what information it needs to retrieve and embed into your report when it downloads a map.  The options included in this set are:
    • Never check boxes - If you rarely use the FEMA, Census or USPS information, mark this option so that you can manually select each item you want to insert into your report as you retrieve your maps.
    • Insert if data is present – Only inserts the data into your report if it is available, allowing you to manually enter it whenever it isn’t available.
    • Always check each box – Always inserts the data retrieved from our net.X servers and inserts blanks whenever the data is not present.
    • Remember the last fields I checked - Remembers which items you selected the last time, and re-selects those by default. By using this option, you can also mark the boxes beside any of the data you want WinTOTAL to transfer into your report automatically, leaving the data you don’t want unchecked.
  3. When finished, click OK to apply your changes.