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Recent Responses


WinTOTAL’s Recent Responses system automatically stores the last 10 entries you place into each field on your forms into temporary storage so that you can access those responses again as you continue working up future reports.  This system can save you some typing time from one line item to the next, but is not quite as powerful as our QuickLists system.  Since this system is automatic, you need only fill out your reports to create new recent response entries.  WinTOTAL then stores those 10 recent entries into drop-down menus that appear in each field. 


If you prefer to use our QuickLists system for data entry but you’d prefer to use the drop-down menus to select your desired QuickList response instead of the QuickLists pane or shortcuts, you can actually swap out the recent Reponses in the drop-down menus for QuickLists.  For details on this process, see the Swap Recent Responses & QuickLists section of this user’s guide.

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