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QuickPix Configuration

  1. With QuickPix open, click Camera/Card/Disk and select Setup from the drop‑down menu.


  2. Type the path to your photos on your camera or disk or use the Browse link to browse out to them.  Alternately, if you have an older camera that does not comply with most common Windows integration methods, you can check the box indicating that and search the drop-down list for your camera.


      Note:  Images taken with a camera or smart phone are generally located under their own drive letter in a folder named DCIM.  However, some devices don't generate a drive letter when plugged into a computer.  If you can't locate your camera when browsing for your image files, try using a card reader instead.  Click here for instructions on how to use a card reader to transfer your photos.  If you're still unable to locate your images, refer to the instructions that came with your device, or contact the manufacturer.  
  3. Once you have either indicated the camera type or path to your photos, just click OK.

You should now be able to load your photos into QuickPix.