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PDF Options & Security


WinTOTAL provides a wealth of options you can apply as you print your PDF files so that you can ensure that the PDF’s include all of the information and protection that you need.  To apply PDF options or add security to your PDF so that others cannot copy or tamper with your data…

  1. Print your report as usual.
  2. When the Aurora Print Engine appears, make sure you mark the PDF option and then apply your PDF options using the PDF Settings pane on the right.  Options include:
    • Save PDF to Report’s Workfile – Copies an original version of your report PDF into your workfile so that you have a time-stamped copy of your original PDF in case you need it.
    • Change Your PDF Output Directory – By default, WinTOTAL saves a copy of your PDF files to C:\a la mode\WinTOTAL\PDFFiles. If you want WinTOTAL to save your PDF files elsewhere, click Edit and browse out to the directory you want.
    • Edit PDF Adjustments – Allows you to control print margins, scaling, and more.
    • Edit PDF Security Settings – Allows you to password protect your PDF or lock it to keep it safe from copying or tampering.
    • Edit Advanced PDF Settings – Helps you control the format of PDF to ensure that the maximum number of clients can open the PDF files you produce.

      Note: If you don’t see these settings to the right, you may need to click the link at the bottom of the Aurora Print Engine to see the additional printing options.  
  3. Once you’ve applied your PDF options, click OK in the Aurora Print Engine to accept your preferences and create your PDF.

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