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Organize QuickLists


As you continue to use your QuickLists, you may need to reorder them to move more common QuickList entries into the top 10, move infrequent QuickList items out of the top 10, or to remove gaps in the numbering.  There are two ways you can reorder your QuickLists: alphabetically and manually.


Organizing QuickLists Alphabetically

If you want WinTOTAL to automatically reorder your QuickLists alphabetically by the name of each QuickList entry, from the Forms PowerView, click the A-Z icon to the upper left of the QuickLists pane.



Organizing QuickLists Manually

To manually specify the order and numbering of your QuickList items…

  1. In the Forms PowerView, right-click any QuickList entry in the QuickLists pane.
  2. In the menu that appears, choose Resequence QuickList.
  3. When the reordering window appears, click the QuickList entry or unassigned gap you wish to move.

  4. Then, click the Move Up and Move Down links to position the QuickList entry as you see fit.
  5. To remove the unassigned gaps from your QuickLists and automatically reorder the following QuickList entries to use the new space, click Trim Gaps.
  6. Click OK when finished to save your changes.