My Albums


Photo albums are a great way to group images together as you import them. Whenever you import photos into your image database, you have the option of placing them into a new photo album. This can be very convenient if you have multiple appraisers taking photos of different homes, and an assistant importing them into your company’s image database. As you import the photos, simply place them in an album that includes the date the photos were taken and the name of the appraiser that took them. When that appraiser sits down to start building reports, he can quickly find the album containing his photos. For information on creating albums, see the Download Photos section of this user guide. To view the contents of an album:

  1. In the Images PowerView, click My Albums in the Images pane on the left.

  2. Locate the desired album in the list and double-click its name, or select it and click Show Images in current album at the top of the window. The photos in that album are displayed.
  3. Click Show all Albums to re-display the list of albums.

If you have a large number of albums, you can use the search feature to find a specific album. See the Search for Images section of this user guide for information about using the search features.

  Hint:  If you find that albums are a great way to sort your photos, you can make sure that an album is always created when you import photos. Just check the Always use albums when retrieving images box at the top of the My Albums page.