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Merge Duplicate Contacts


If you regularly type contacts into your reports instead of selecting them from WinTOTAL's provided drop-downs or if you regularly receive orders through your Appraiser XSite, you may accrue a number of duplicate contacts in your address book just in the natural course of doing business. To help you keep your address book organized, WinTOTAL provides a simple Contacts Cleanup Wizard and some basic contact merging functions you can use to combine related contacts. To use the Contacts Cleanup Wizard...

  1. From WinTOTAL’s contact manager, click Sync, Contacts Cleanup.

      Note:  If you've never run the Contacts Cleanup before, this feature will appear in the main toolbar as a Contacts Cleanup button.  

  2. In the screen that appears, review the notes about the contact cleanup process and click Begin.
  3. Once your contacts have been downloaded, you're taken to the Company Cleanup step. Click View, Duplicates to see your duplicate company contacts.
  4. Click the + symbols beside each contact to view potential duplicates, select the specific duplicate contacts you wish to merge. Contacts denoted with a yellow flag are ad-hoc contacts. Contacts denoted with a red flag are contacts that have previously been deleted, but that are still tied to orders in WinTOTAL.

      Hint:  To select multiple contacts at once, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click each contact you wish to select.  

  5. Click Merge Selected to merge the selected contacts.
  6. In the screen that appears, verify that the contact information for the merged contact is correct. Then, click Save to apply your changes and click Yes to merge the selected companies.
  7. Repeat this process for any other duplicate company contacts and then click Next.
  8. In the Individual Contact Cleanup step, repeat steps 3-6 above to merge your duplicate individual contacts.
  9. Finally, in the last step, click Finish and then Yes to apply your changes to your current reports and upload the changes to your XSite. When the process is finished, click OK.


Merge Duplicate Contacts

Once you've run through the Contact Cleanup Wizard for the first time, you may never need to run it again. It's always available in case you need to merge a bunch of duplicates, but often you can avoid that by just merging contacts as you notice them. To do so...

  1. From WinTOTAL’s contact manager, click to select the contacts you wish to merge.
  2. Click Merge Selected in the main toolbar.
  3. In the screen that appears, verify that the contact information for the merged contact is correct and make any necessary changes.
  4. When finished, click Save and then Yes to save your merged contact.