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Geocode Comps


Your comparables database is a valuable resource for your appraisal practice. Aurora has improved on the standard comps databases of the past by providing features that let you search for comparable properties based on physical location. Of course, this only works if the program knows where in the world the comps in your database are located. “Geocoding” is the process WinTOTAL uses to translate an address into a specific latitude and longitude. Once this information is obtained, the program can easily do proximity searches. To set up WinTOTAL’s comps geocoding feature…

  1. From the WinTOTAL Configuration Utility, click Comps in the toolbar at the top.

  2. Mark the options you want to use for your geocoding preferences.  Options are:
    • Enable Scheduling – Check this box to ensure that the geocoding information in your comps database is always up to date. Then, set the time and frequency that you’d like the WinTOTAL Assistant to scan your files.
    • Geocode # Records at Each Run - If you have a huge comps database, and you’re concerned that the geocoding process might slow down your system, check this box to set a limit on the number of comps that get updated on each run. Then, enter a number of comps to geocode per run in the provided text box. Bear in mind, however, that when this process runs, only those comps that have not already been geocoded are processed. So once your system is up to date, subsequent runs complete much faster.
  3. Click Save when finished to put your changes into effect.