E&O View


If you’ve used the Errors and Omissions tool in WinTOTAL, you can view the results with the E&O view in the File Cabinet.  While you still need to run your E&O checks inside a report, this view provides a quick look into your most recent E&O results so you can verify that they report is ready to be sent.  To use WinTOTAL’s E&O view….

  1. In the Appraisal Desktop, click to select the desired report in the files list.
  2. Click the Check E&O tab at the bottom of the screen.


Another pane opens to display the results of the last E&O check performed on that document.  Keep in mind that this is an E&O viewer, so no results appear if you have not yet run an E&O check inside WinTOTAL. For details on running E&O Checks in WinTOTAL, see the Check E&O section of this user’s guide.